Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Running Solo

I have been able to make it out a few times without the kiddo.  As much as I love the boy, its nice to get out alone and not focus on pushing a stroller, or if the sun is in his eyes, etc. 

On Sunday I had the pleasure to be back out with my running buddy (my stepdad) for a three-mile run.  It was a bit chilly (not complaining!) and a very pleasant run.  It was nice to be back out and start training again with him although he is WAY ahead in mileage and speed-- he is doing a marathon in another couple weeks.

Baby boy is doing pretty well and will be 6 weeks old tomorrow.  Time is flying by way too fast and I keep looking down at him and he is changing and growing up on me.  Sniff.

Here is picture of little man for the interested.  He is smiling more and more each day... love it!! And I do (eventually plan to put up his birth story when I get time to type it out!!) 

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  1. He's a sweetheart! It sure makes you realize what a treat it is to run on your own, hey? Don't get me wrong, I like pushing the stroller, but I feel so much more agile without it!