Monday, January 23, 2012

Time Passages

Too much time has passed since writing.

When I was little my mom and stepdad used to play the song Time Passages by Al Stewart on repeat.  Hence the title,  my absence reminded me of that super cheesy song today.  I digress.

So one reason I have not written as much is because my 19 year old brother called me 2 weeks ago crying and asked if I would pick him up.  I won;t go into his whole background story as it's not appropriate for the world-wide-web... but I said he could stay with us one night and we'd see after that.  Since then he's done well and he's still been with us and is working toward his GED which he takes next Monday/Tuesday and got a part time job, AND has been sober for that length of time as well.  He also is working towards starting at a community college in the fall.  We're not so niave to think this is a permanent situation but we're hoping to get him back on two feet with the proper "education" to get back out there. 

I also wouldn't do this if I had an older child.  But right now my son is cool with an extra dude around the house and my brother does well with him.

So that's one excuse for you.

The next is somewhat related... I have been SUPER busy with archi projects.  But the most exciting news is that one of my projects is actually being pitched for an episode on a new A&E show called "Grand Designs"?!  I'm not getting my hopes up that anything will happen and honestly the project is not one I'd like to represent me to America but it may make for good tv.  I have a client who wants their project to look like a barn.  You read that right. 

So in a crazy turn of events I have an LA producer call me last week (not sure how they got my info?!) and asked if I had a project for this new show they wanted to start as they were hoping to feature our region on an episode.  I said no but later thought about telling her of this other project.  She loved the story of the clients (they are a super great Christian non-profit) and what they do at the camp I am working on the building for.  So-- all that to say, there have been lots of calls and interviews and headshots sent to LA and today is the day we may find out if it makes it to the next level or dies on the pitch-table.  I'm fine either way because it's been pretty fun so far.

No pictures today-- and I have a kiddo calling... Until next time.


  1. Wow, that is so cool! Barn or not! Glad you're helping your brother too. Hope things continue going well on that front. We miss your posts!