Thursday, January 26, 2012

Skipping Runs and a LA Update

I almost never skip a run-- but my step dad called last night and mentioned it would be cold and rainy at 6am this morning and asked my thoughts.  Yuck, I said-- I don't know-- what do you want to do?  We kind of mutually decided to skip.  That means I supposed to have a date with a Jillian video but it's coming up on 5pm and I haven;t yet.  And I already took a shower and dried my hair-- that always makes my follow-through chances go down.  : )

Hopefully I'll be writing tomorrow that I did a video anyway.

So in project pitching to LA execs news-- the execs at the first level "love the story and the build.  Now we wait for the network executives... it is a process."  So-- that's all I have to report.  If nothing else, lots of spiffy producer-ish people have now seen one of my projects, company, etc.  I'm still thinking its cool no matter what happens!



  1. Well, if your hair is dried then all bets are off! Take the night off, you can make it up when you're living the glamorous life in LA! :o)

    1. I totally skipped it as you called... but I made up for it this morning. Nothing like having a 17 month old laugh at you while doing weird excercise moves (while facing a laptop). : )

      Oh and no glamorous LA-- they'd come here and just film one episode-- IF it happened! We'll see.