Sunday, January 29, 2012

Cheeseburger in Paradise

I guess I can't stop with the music, themed blog titles.  : )

If/when we're blessed with another pregnancy and it goes anything like it did with the little man, here are ways I may know I am pregnant, just for fun...  humor me... 

1.  I will crave cheese burgers -- ugh.  Yeah, when I was newly preggers with my little guy all I wanted was a cheeseburger.  (And this is coming from a person who doesn't eat much meat, especially red meat.  And it had to be real burgers-- none of the turkey burger fake stuff I eat at other times!)

2.  I'll have ALL. DAY. ICKY's.  During weeks 6-14 I wondered why in the world anyone would ever want to procreate as I felt like vomiting 24-7.  And when I wasn't actually hurling or dry heaving, I felt super hungry but NOTHING seemed stomach-able at all.  Hubby had to cook his own meals in these weeks because even walking in the kitchen made me feel extra sick.

3.  I will be tired by 7pm.  I remember that being a biggie in my early pregnancy... I just wanted to crawl in bed as soon as I came home from work and had grabbed dinner.  Couple that with the icky's and being asleep was the only chance for sweet relief.

4.  And now for a more positive symptom...  I'll have the most even temperament and hormones.  Seriously, during the 9 months I was prego, I was in emotional bliss and such even-ness.  (My hubby may disagree but I felt that way).   I seriously felt the most balanced emotionally of any time in my life.  Sure I still had some stress/cry moments but all in all, I think I was more normal than my usual.

5.  I will have an awful metal kind of taste in my mouth and be extra slobbery.  Maybe this one is just me but along with all the extra saliva, I had the worst taste in my mouth in those same weeks of 6-14. Coupled with not being able to stomach drinking water for 7ish weeks it was a bad combination!

And finally... last but not least, I will know I am prego with...

6.  A sore chest.  That was my VERY first sign with little man, even before I saw 2 lines on the pee stick, I thought something might be up because the ladies were soooo sore while taking a shower.

Ok, your turn... how did you know you were pregnant?  If you've been pregnant more than once, were they the same or should I expect something totally different next time?

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  1. Extreme fatigue! It took every ounce of will to get myself out of bed and ready for work each morning. Brutal! I would be falling asleep at my desk.

    The nausea for the first trimester was bad too but thankfully I only puked a few times.

    I also had no appetite but knew that eating made the nausea go away. I ate a lot of Arrow Root cookies and Saltines!

    I also felt that my emotions were more level throughout my pregnancy! My hubby agrees. Maybe because I wasn't so stressed about trying to get pregnant!