Monday, January 9, 2012

Foods You Should Never Eat

I really try to watch what I put in kiddo's body and my own.  Trying to buy organic and eat whole foods and other things I won't bother listing too... So when I read this article on 7 foods you should never eat I was pretty surprised that a couple of these items are ones I pick up -- specifically canned tomatoes (even though I often buy organic-- the combo of the can and acid is bad-- think BPA) and on lesser occasions microwave popcorn.  Ick.  They can also cause fertility issues and other icky things.  Take 2 minutes and read the article. It was one without some of the hype that is often found in these kinds of articles.


  1. Hmm, I'm not really an organic person, but what am I going to do without my canned tomatoes? They're so handy. The other one I'm staying away from these days is margarine. Friends with cancer have told me it's the devil but I always kept it on hand for when the butter ran out. Oh well...

  2. I love my canned tomatoes too-- I'll let you know if I find a work around. I looked at the grocery for ones in jars as the article suggested but did not have luck at my grocery.

    I don't do much margarine but I hadn't heard that!