Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Chest Pain and 4 Mile Runs

With an attempt at honesty in all runs-- I totally had a freak out moment on my 4 mile run this morning... About half way through my run I started having chest pains-- the location was right over my heart.  It was not a cold morning (50 degrees) and I don't think we started too fast (but my stepdad's watch is dead). 

It totally freaked me out and I said I needed to walk as soon as it hit-- then tried to run again-- the pain returned-- and I started to cry.  In the dark.  On the run-turned-walk.  And I tried to conceal the sniffles from my stepdad.  I was freaked out and I absolutely HATE having to walk once we get going.

I'm not sure what happened and anyone can offer up any "medical" information.  The only other time I have that happen is when its been super cold and I am breathing in cold air-- or if we start too fast (I have exercise induced asthma).  So yeah.  Not sure what happened.  I'm hoping we were just going faster than we thought and the 'ol ticker is still in good shape. 

So-- not every run is a rock star run... even when you feel like your getting faster and runs are getting easier, you can have a dud thrown in there to humble you!

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  1. I hate these kinds of runs. If I can figure the pain out, I don't mind, but when something is totally unexplained it can be scary! I guess we can both be humbled together...