Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wet runs and looking back

Ran last night and attempting to keep up my two "during-the-week" runs and a long weekend run.  I have plans to run tomorrow with my stepdad and ran last night with some gals after our small group.  One gal is planning to do her first half this spring.  The other is working up to do her 5th half.   There was quite a bit of walking but its worth the trade off to have someone to run with and motivate me to get out there.  And it was cold and rainy here -- but I secretly LOVE rainy runs!  After the first mile or so I think they feel GREAT and it brings me back to playing in the rain as a kid!!  (Which I will totally be doing with the boy when he is big enough!)

As much as it was a drag to get out and run sometimes when I was pregnant, it is often A LOT more coordination and preparation to run with a baby-- especially when you are still a nursing mama.  Yes, I am totally willing to leave the boy with dad and a bottle.  BUT I don't like running with a full load if ya know what I mean... so I do usually try to time runs for after a feeding.  If baby boy is coming along on the run I try to run when he is awake after a feeding... if he is not coming I try to go right when he goes down for his nap.  

(Disclaimer-- yes, I am a schedule-following mom and will do it again with a future kiddo.  Big believer in it!  Helps me plan my days and schedule and he knows whats going on and is such a happy baby!)

WHy do I share this? Out of full disclosure for a piece of the real life of a running mom. 

I will say, my speed picked back up after I was no longer carrying my additional 25 pound baby bump!  And I will totally take seeing his smiling face instead of feeling his big feet poke inside me.  Ha!

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