Friday, March 11, 2011

Nursing/Running Questions Answered

I had some great questions asked from a friend on Facebook and thought they were worth sharing here with others who may have similar questions about running as a nursing mama and running with a new baby!

First-- she had a question about nursing bras and running bras...

For my nursing bras I use hand-me-downs from my sister-- they are pretty much all the sports bra type.  I find them most comfy since I sleep in a bra too-- do other people do that or is it just me??.  After one night of sleeping without a bra and having a milk incident I decided to keep wearing one to sleep in. Anyway-- to handle leakage and just because it feels more comfy I use the disposable pads that stick into your bra (I like the Lansinoh brand the best because they feel the softest on the headlights and have two sticky tabs instead of one so they stay in place in the bra too).

While running I actually wear a normal running sports bra over my nursing bra/pads. This gives me extra support and also means I can feed the kiddo and then quickly get dressed to run.  I didn't have to buy any new sports bras because I had some that fit better than others anyway so I just wear the bigger ones over my nursing bra.

When to find time/motivation to run with a kiddo who spits up a lot and a kiddo on a schedule?
It is really hard to get motivated to run! If you have a kiddo who has a nap where he seems to sleep a bit shorter than another-- use that nap to run.  I would put baby boy in his carseat right before his nap and let him sleep on the run. The side benefit to this is that it motivated me to run long enough for him to get his full nap in.

Help these help others as well!!  Feel free to share if you do something different or have other tips!

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  1. Nope, I sleep in a bra when I'm nursing too. You're not alone. And I usually just wear a normal sports bra too but stick the Lansinoh's inside. Now that I have two kids it's too hard to push them both, but running when Marcus was fussy was a great way to get him to fall asleep and for me to get in a run!