Friday, March 11, 2011

Pictures, Pedometers and Sunglasses

First-- for those of you viewing in a reader-- I changed my top banner to one of my preggo running photos instead of the ultrasound pic.  And no, that is not my belly hanging out at the bottom-- that was before I was smart enough to tuck my support band into my shorts so it totally looks like my belly was hanging out.  And as I discussed early on-- the camelbak was a great investment for running during pregnancy!!

Ran a nice WET and COLD five miles last night.

My husband's work place has this thing going with Virgin Health where we wear a pedometer for a year (stop me if I have mentioned this).  If we get so many steps in a year, we get some kind of monetary prize.  So since I have been wearing this ped since September of last year, I have realized how few steps I get in a day if I don't excercise.  We're talking like maybe 5000 steps if I don't do any formal running.  That's awful!  THey recommend everyone get at least 7000 a day.  When I ran my 5 miles last night and had a pretty normal day otherwise, I was at 13,000 steps.  I just find it interesting to track since I had not really worn a ped before.

I bought the kiddo some sunglasses (I have crazy light-sensitive eyes and red about UV damage to baby's eyes) so I bought him a pair from Amazon.  Here is a pic with the tags still on.  : )

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  1. Love the preggo running pic and LOVE the kiddo shades. Too cute!