Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hiking, Running and AMAZING weather

It was a simply fabulous weekend here in the Bluegrass State and my family and I spent it hiking (and eating) at Red River Gorge which is one of our favorite weekend getaway spots!  It is best known for it MANY natural arches which are pretty neat, but I prefer the trails that are less known and less trampled down.  One such trail we decided to go on lead us to a beautiful lookout to the "mountains" and river below.  It was also the most interesting place I have ever nursed (hubster got a photo of that below). 

Below is a photo of our little family of 3.  We always look a bit frumpy on these trips, so don't judge.  : )

A shot of the forest is below.  I loved all the vertical evergreens in this particular area of the park...

And a photo of my mom, stepdad, son and I below.  My stepdad is who I run with and we did manage to get in our 8 mile run before hiking on Sunday.  It was not a fun run as there are not many areas that are flat or offer much distance, so it was a lot of back and forth... but we did it!  Plus I have been having a hip issue that I hope works itself out soon as we continue to build longer miles! 

I don't usually think I look a lot like my mom but the photo above makes me think we definitely look alike.  And I don't have any photos with my sister and her family because we never went on a hike with them.  But my two nieces could not get enough time with their favorite baby cousin... and will be getting their own baby brother around July of this year!

A photo of one of the lesser known (and not quite as pretty) arches.  If you look closely you will see my stepdad and niece in the photo.

A fun weekend was had by all... now back to the real world.

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