Monday, March 7, 2011

Soapbox and 8+ miles

Ran 8.3 miles yesterday.  We ran at a 10:25 pace.  It was a cold run but felt pretty darn good.

Will you allow me a rant for a minute?  I am around several pregnant ladies again lately and find they fall into two catergories of people.  The happily pregnant catagory shall go unmentioned.  The other I shall take the opportunity to vent about now... Because I ran during my pregnancy along with doing other "normal" people things I am finding that I don't have much apathy for young healthy people who suddenly think they are disabled the second they become prego.  (I am not talking being 9 months pregnant when you may start to feel "done" with the whole thing or if you genuinely have health problems!) 

I was out pulling weeds and mowing the lawn when I was VERY pregnant.  I was sitting on hard chairs and sweating my widening bootie off during the hottest summer in (Kentucky recent) history and I like to think I did not do much complaining about suddenly not being able to handle doing anything normal because I was in such a pregnant "condition."  Other than the very sick weeks of 6-14 in which I mostly was not telling anyone I was even pregnant and trying to hide my puky episodes... I don't think I felt disabled by the whole thing.  I feel annoyed when people feel the need to have their spouses accomodate them because they are now pregnant and are actually as healthy as they were just a few weeks before.  People, if you get pregnant and keep moving on with your life-- you'll find you don't feel miserable and might actually feel pretty darn good again after the baby is born too.

Ok-- side stepping off the soapbox for a less grumpy note to this post. 

Have I said lately that I LOVE being a mom.  LOVE it.  There is really no comparision.  I have had the honor of designing buildings and spaces. Seeing them come to life really is a cool feeling for about 5 seconds.  My wedding day was amazing for day and weeks around it.  Marriage is wonderful.  Having a baby grow inside of me, giving birth and nurturing a kiddo that I can watch grow into a boy and eventually a man is downright the coolest, toughest and most rewarding experience I have had to date.

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