Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hallelujah kinda-run

Yesterday was an amazing run.  The weather was literally PERFECT!  Sunny and warm.  A great excuse to get out and run!  So. I. did.  Hubster watched the kiddo and I laced up the running shoes.

My running buddy was out of town (my step-dad) so I managed to get 6 miles in alone.  (I'm all for about 3-4 alone but above that I usually like to run with someone just to keep my brain busy.)  SO instead I strapped on the trusty ipod and arm band and cued up the new music I bought from Amazon (have I mentioned I buy everything from Amazon these days?  I even had TP delivered a while back.  HA! : )

Anyway-- yesterday's music was Third Day's Move CD.


I know Christian Music is not for everyone but I was seriously having me a worship session while I was running-- singing along (to words I really didn't know) and all.  It was probably pretty funny to watch or hear.  A lot of the lyrics seemed to pump me up for running!  And with the beautiful weather I was in a Hallelujah kinda-state.  I've found as I get older I care a lot less about what other people think, so I was jamming out while I ran.  (I will totally be one of those crotchety-crazy old ladies because of my stubbornness and reasons like this.)

Bad (or flat out dumb) running ideas for the day--

Forgetting to throw any water in the car (luckily I live close to the park where I run) but I use water as my motivation to hurry and get back to the car!

Wearing thick wool socks to run in!  Hello dumb idea.  My feet had been cold earlier, I was wearing pants and it seemed like a good idea to forgo changing socks before my run.  I regretted that as soon as I hit about mile 3 and my shoes were feeling too tight and I had a few toes going numb!  Did I also mention it was about 70 degrees out??  Wool socks?! 

So yeah, great run and 6 more weekends before the half marathon race.  Here is what our weekend runs will look like just based on scheduling or travel.

3/19- 8 miles
3/26- 6 miles
4/2- 10 miles
4/9- 12 miles
4/16- 13 miles
4/23- 8 miles
Race Day- 13.1 miles

Have a great week!

PS-  My little drooler has two little starts of his bottom teeth!

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