Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Runs and Party Plans

I have resumed morning runs the past few weeks because it's just too stinkin' hot to be outside in the evening/afternoon.  So that means I am back to having my 10 month running buddy.  For some reason when I was pushing him yesterday my arms felt like complete mush.  It was like I was using an area of my arm that doesn't see much miscle-action.  Hum.  Ever happen to any of you all who run with jogging strollers?
I must say while I'm happy my little guy likes to "run" with me.  It's much easier to run when you can swing your arms.

The little guy now has 5 teeth and I think he's working on more because we're chewing and drooling up a storm.  And knock-on-wood-- he has never been one to get cranky when cutting teeth so I just find them sprouting up.

I am working on his first birthday party.  I was working on his shirt last night.  I think it's coming out pretty cute.  I'll share more details soon... (Side note:  Yes, I realize it's a bit silly to plan so much for a party he'll never remember-- I didn't do anything close to this when I turned thirty-- then again I had a two month old and little interest in celebrating-- so there.  Maybe it's a celebration as much for me and one I hope he'll think looks cool when he looks back at photos!) 

You want a hint... he's turning ONE... ha ha.  I know-- not much of a hint.  Check back.  : )


  1. I can't believe he will be one in 2 months!! Time goes so fast! I had so much fun throwing Eli's 1st birthday party! I knew he wouldn't ever remember it, but I had so much fun throwing it for our family. I love to plan!

  2. I loved Eli's first b-day! I hope N's is even half as cute! ~R