Friday, June 17, 2011

Random thoughts

Oh my goon-ness (said likes it's spelled... that's the way I tend to say it after years of watching Annie as a kid)... it's been a while since I've had a real post, blog friends. Sorry.

So whats happening around here? A lot but not really much.

I have been running with a gal on Tuesday nights and Thursday mornings.  By mornings I mean we are at the park at 5:45am to run!  Did you know even the sun doesn't get up that early!  It was an especially beautiful morning this week with cooler temps and fog and a nearly full moon.  I know the iphone image did NOT do it justice but here goes anyway:

I have been doing my longer runs on my own on the weekends which is kinda nice too since I am always around people!  It's nice to have some alone think time.

So other random things on my mind these days:

Read yesterday that an Architect is the 7th most stressful job per some recent survey.  I agree.  And often wonder what I want a second career to be.  That said I feel like God keeps wanting me to stay in Architecture because I do zero marketing and keep getting calls for work!  I put in a proposal for a doing an architectural model with a company I have never worked for. If I get it, I may not be around much for a bit. I have to take advantage of naps and early bedtimes to work when I can.

How and when to wean my baby boy? I'm totally attached to it. Never thought I would be and now that we are coming up on 10 months the thought of ending our 4-times a day bonding time at around a year does not sound appealing. Then again neither does having a 3 year-old coming up and asking for booba. Oh and did I mention the kid is getting two big front teeth right now? Maybe why it's on my mind.  Oh and I would totally be up for baby numero two which would be another reason to wean since I still haven't started my period with all the nursing going on. 

Remember my little guy's nursery? Here's a refesher... it says "BABY" on four covered canvas'. Along with 4 teeth my little guy can now say Uh Oh, Mama, Dada, Duck, Nana, Night Night, Banana and tell you what a monkey says "ew ew ew". So yeah. Kinda hitting me he's also growing out of the baby phase. I think since he has a two-middle-name name I am going to use his initials in place of "baby." Hopefully it turns out cute and I can make that last a while until I grasp that he's an even bigger boy!

Oh, and working on planning my hubby's first Father's Day!  We're hoping to grill out with friends and I have a few other surprises up my sleeve!

So that's about it for today.  Any thoughts and comments are welcome! 

Have a great day!

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