Thursday, June 16, 2011

Baby Must Haves

UPDATE:  Oopsie.  Started this post in March to give myself some think time.  Here goes even if something is missing.  Feel free to add extra thoughts in the comments!

Before I get too far into this parenting thing, I've had a few people ask me what my "must-haves" are for expectant parents and their soon-to-be babies.

Below is my list of items for babies 0-6 months.  There is A LOT of stuff you can add but these were the necessities in my opinion!

Must Haves:
Breast Pump (I like the Medela Pump In Style)
Baby Socks
A hat (to keep newborns warm regardless of the season), then a bigger one for the sun.
Mittens (for newborns get the thin kind so babies can't scratch themselves as they sleep 'til they get some hand control)
A play pen (for traveling and a quiet safe place for babies to play)
Burp cloths  (Our kid spit up all the time.)
Boppy Pillow (Used it less for nursing and more for all the other stuff they tout it for)
Nose suction thing  (Hospitals give you this and theirs work the best!)
Pacifier  (If your baby will take one-- they will prefer the first types you give them, so keep that in mind)
Nursing Bra and Breast pads (didn't really pre-plan this and sizing is hard but you don't want to have to rush out for this when you have a newborn).  Get a sports bra kind where exact size isn't as important to start with.
If you are nursing, get some nipple cream.  You'll need it at first.  Lettuce is also nice (ie- a big leaf of iceberg lettuce)

Nice to Haves:
Cheaters Swaddle (the kind that velcro)

Excersaucer (This was great to have when N was just sitting up so he could interact more and see what was going on)

Don't Really Needs:
For us, we did not/do not really use a baby monitor.  Our house is small and your ears are super sensitive as a new mom!  I would have gotten and would maybe even still like the video kind but the sound only is pointless.
For us, we didn't use a lot of onesies.  Even with an August baby we dressed him a bit warmer than just a onesie and preferred the sleeper kind with footies or the kind that is part of actual outfits.
Definitely don't need the thing that warms baby wipes!

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