Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Introducing an Inspiration

I have been writing this post in my head for a while.  I wish it wasn't coming after a short mention on the blog that I'm about to introduce but oh well... she beats me to the punch on most milestones anyway.  ; )

Many moons ago I started this blog because I knew I wanted to run during pregnancy and I could only find ONE blog that actually chronicled the running adventures of a pregnant Mama.  (I have since found and followed others that have done the same) but Nikki at Slow is the New Fast was the first and only I found when I was pregnant and running.  You may remember my first blog entry where I mention "this chic's blog in Canada".   : )

Well, I continued reading back from Nikki's first post and have followed her ever since, through a second pregnancy.  She now has 2 sweet boys and stayed active through 2 pregnancy's but that's not all-- Nikki had been in a MAJOR car wreck (which you can read in detail about on her blog).  Not only did she survive and make a major comeback, but she took up running, and then she continued running late into her first pregnancy. 

Let's just say Nikki was a major inspiration and even though we have never met, I thought about her often when I wasn't sure I could run another mile in my "weird feelings during ballooning pregnancy" days.  And I thought about how she ran not just during pregnancy but after a bad accident and after major back issues/surgeries.  If she could do it until late pregnancy-- so could I.  And I did!

This inspiration of a Running Mama was one of the first people I ever shared this blog with-- as I kinda wanted it to be something people stumbled upon as I had stumbled upon her blog.  (Even now, almost none of my friends and family know about this blog... but I still hope my story reaches other Mama's worried about running when pregnant.) 

Anyway, I am raising a toast to a gal who inspired my pregnancy runs and with my glass raised-- let's wish Nikki good luck in her forth and upcoming half-marathon! 

Keep running-- you never know who is watching, reading or being inspired!


  1. I agree. Nikki is pretty awesome and amazingly inspirational.

    1. Yes she is! Thanks for all of your comments! : )

  2. Nikki totally inspired me to run while pregnant also! She is amazing!